New CBD Oil infused chocolate is a flavour sensation!

Choc Amor has joined forces with Manchester based 1CBD to launch a range of new CBD infused chocolate in 3 unique flavours.

1CBD started its business manufacturing high quality, pure hemp CBD Oil across a range of products including oils, gum drops, massage balms, drinks and capsules. Now its latest chocolate offering meets customer demand for a sweet and tasty treat infused with the benefits of CBD oil.

Michael Winniczuk, owner at 1CBD, said ” We discovered that CBD oil goes extremely well with chocolate and we wanted to provide our customers with an unforgettable chocolate taste experience. We knew that finding the right chocolate for our product was essential as we wanted to create something very different to the other CBD chocolate products currently available”

“We met with a number of chocolatiers, both local and from further afield, but it was when we met with Choc Amor and owner Paul Williams, that we knew we had found what we were looking for.”

“What Choc Amor offered that the other chocolatiers didn’t, was the combination of premium quality cocoa in the chocolate, multi award-winning chocolate flavours and the unavoidable fact that their chocolate really does taste amazing!”

Paul Williams, Co-owner & Director of Production at Choc Amor said “when Michael first approached us with an opportunity to create a range of unique CBD oil-infused chocolate, I knew that it was not just a great business opportunity but it made sense from a personal point of view too.”

Paul’s wife Jacqui uses CBD oil having recently completed treatment for breast cancer. Jacqui said ” whilst it’s not medically proven, there is evidence to suggest that CBD oil inhibits cancer cell regrowth, so for me, I’m happy to use it as a complimentary therapy.”

“We decided to launch the range with 3 of our best selling flavours, Raspberry Burst, Salt Caramel and Twisted Latte. These flavours combine really well with the CBD oil so that the consumer can enjoy a chocolate sensation, one mouthful at a time.”

Michael continues ” When Paul and I meet, they are not your run of the mill business meetings. We make chocolate and brainstorm new and exciting flavour creations. I come away with a head full of ideas and a few pounds heavier.”

“My customers can’t get enough of the chocolate and sales are doing really well. We currently sell online but we are in talks with a number of large European retailers who also love our chocolate creations, so watch this space.”

Michael concludes “Paul, Jacqui & I are excited about the future and with our belief in our product and the plans we have in the pipeline, who knows where we will be in a few years!”

1CBD infused chocolate comes in 100g bags and contains 300mg of Full Spectrum Extract Phytocannabinoid Rich Pure Hemp CBD Oil and is currently available in Raspberry Burst, Salt Caramel and Twisted Latte flavours for £19.99.

Whilst 1CBD can’t make any medical claims, customers continue to use CBD oil to assist with a variety of ailments including anxiety, muscle/joint pain, sleep, skin irritations, ADHD and many more.

You can find out more and buy your chocolate from