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Our Journey To Colombia

Our Journey to Colombia

After visiting the cocoa plantations in Colombia at the start of 2018, they were struck by the passion of the Colombian team, the farmers and the delicious chocolate they make.

Colombian cocoa has received the distinction of Cocoa ‘Fino de Aroma’ from the International Cocoa Organisation – a title given to only 8% of the world’s cocoa.  Through their cocoa research facility in Colombia, Luker Chocolates train farmers from all over the country so that they can improve their yield, profits and livelihoods and they support the welfare and development of local communities and schools – all of which gives Choc Amor a product which they can, hand on heart, say is ethically sourced and 100% sustainable.

The beans are harvested, fermented, dried then roasted to begin the transformation into chocolate in Colombia.  Local sugar and extra cocoa butter are added, making all the ingredients fully traceable.

Today 100% of Choc Amor’s production is made using only Colombian chocolate.  Not only does it taste amazing but it contains a lot less sugar than most high street brands. 

Choc Amor’s small batch production uses ingredients which are, where possible, natural and free from preservatives.  All of their chocolate is gluten free and the dark chocolate is free from milk (labelled Vegan Friendly). As of 2018, their chocolate is also single origin Colombian.

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