Choc Amor – The Eco Friendly Chocolatier!

Paul Williams showing Choc Amor's new compostable packaging

We are excited to reveal that we have moved to our new plant based compostable packaging for 80% of Choc Amor’s packaging, continuing our sustainability drive.
Our new compostable chocolate bags contain the Choc Amor’s popular chocolate slabs and it is these slabs that make up 80% of the Choc Amor range. 

The new compostable bags use a specialised film which is natural and eco-friendly. The principal raw material is renewable wood pulp from sustainably harvested FSC managed forests and the material will ultimately biodegrade in the ocean.

Choc Amor Director of Production, Paul Williams, said: “Despite running a small business, the ability to recycle or compost really matters to us and our customers. Ultimately we try to be as eco-friendly as we can in all that we do. 

“Conventional packaging is of course easier to source and it’s cheaper, but helping the environment in any way we can is extremely important to everyone working at Choc Amor and to our loyal customers. 

“To become sustainable, every step of the process is a little bit different and challenging but it is definitely worth it and, moving forward, we are committed to packaging as many of our products as possible in fully recyclable or compostable material”

Choc Amor’s small batch production uses ingredients which are, where possible, natural and free from preservatives. All Choc Amor chocolate is single origin Colombian, a product which is ethically sourced and 100% sustainable. Furthermore, 100% of the chocolate is gluten free and the dark chocolate is free from milk (labelled Vegan Friendly).